Agility is the fastest growing canine sport in the world and is
fun and exciting for participants and spectators alike. Success
in agility requires proper training, as it is a game of physical
skill, control, patience and, most of all, teamwork between
handler and dog.
To participate in our agility training program, we recommend that you and your dog complete a basic
training course so that your dog exhibits good manners around people and other dogs. We encourage
you to continue training in the agility program because you and your dog will learn advanced obedience
exercises while playing an exciting game. He will learn off-leash skills in a controlled, safe environment.
Agility builds your dog's confidence and encourages a trusting relationship between you and your pet. It
is a great way to get a little exercise for you and your dog. It can be participated by persons of all ages
and physical abilities. Dogs of any size or breed can successfully do agility. You can participate in agility,
just for fun or learn how to show your dog at agility trials. In competition, agility is a race against the
clock, but accuracy is the first requirement. The time it takes to run a course between the start and
finish line is important, but all the obstacles presented by a judge must be correctly handled. For
example: a dog is expected to climb up and down the A-frame, walk up and down the planks of the dog
walk, and balance the seesaw. These pieces of agility equipment are called "control obstacles". Dogs
have the joy of leaping over jumps and running through tunnels at high speeds but must show control by
stopping on the pause table. The most challenging part of the course is the weavepoles - anywhere from
6 to 12 poles are presented to the dog on a course. When perfected the weavepoles are the most
breathtaking portion of the course to watch dogs perform. There are five different height categories,
allowing each dog to be tested fairly according to its size. Every course run by the handler and dog is
new and exciting, because each judge designs a new test of skills for each trial. The variety of levels of
difficulty go from Novice to Excellent. There are several different organizations which offer agility trials
and awards. Click on the links below to find out more about these organizations.
United States Dog Agility Association
American Kennel Club Agility
United Kennel Club Agility
Why Agility?
Agility is a terrific game to play with your dog! Once your dog is familiar with the equipment he will
become excited by the opportunity to play this new game. You may use this game to "reward" him or
to achieve "behavioral compliance". It is a "give and take" between pet and owner. Example: you ask
your dog to "sit" and when he does he is permitted to "play the game". Before your pet is allowed to
complete each portion of the agility course he must complete a simple task. As your pet becomes
more compliant he will happily obey your commands at home and during everyday outings.
Whether you are interested in competing at agility trials or are interested in Agility "just for fun" The
Canine Center offers a complete training program for you and your pet.
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