Group Lessons for Puppies, Young Adults and Adult Dogs
Get your puppy or adult pet off to a great start. Puppies must have a minimum of two series of
vaccinations before starting their training program. All pets should receive annual vaccinations for
their health protection. Dogs over the age of 6 months must have proof of a Rabies vaccination.
Please consider giving your pet a Bordetella vaccination (Canine Cough) two weeks prior to
attending class (or within a 6 month period before class)

Aggressive pets should be evaluated in a private session.

Your first lesson is a 2 hour orientation/question and answer session conducted indoors with out
your dog. During this session we will personalize our training program to address your specific
needs. You may ask lots of questions, receive your detailed training workbook (lesson 1 thru 6)
and go home with a great plan for your dog's training. During the first hour, we will review your
questions and basic training concerns and the second hour Norma will show you how to accomplish
the exercises in lesson one and lesson two of your training workbook.

Your payment is due at the completion of your orientation (MC/Visa/Checks/Cash accepted)  

Our first session is held with out your pet so you can concentrate on the material and get a chance
to practice some of the lessons before attending the following week.

Group lesson -  Please see our
class schedule page for the next available start date.

Please call 407-461-6245 or email to schedule your class.
Puppies and adults are taught in the same classes. All dogs are trained as individuals with
different learning capabilities. Puppies are capable of learning the same material as the older
dogs, with the understanding that their attention span is shorter and they require: frequent
breaks, more rewards and greater patience from their owners. Puppies and friendly dogs can run
and play together, in our play yards, after class or during special "play dates."
NO AGGRESSIVE/DANGEROUS dogs are permitted to attend class. Animal- or people-
aggressive dogs are evaluated and trained in private sessions. Many of these dogs can later join
class with no further behavior issues. Muzzles may be required around other pets for safety.
CALL 407-892-1419 for a recorded message.
Message indicates what the weather is like in Saint Cloud and if class has been canceled.
Call ONE HOUR BEFORE you are planning to attend class
Level 1 - Puppies and Adult dogs. Material covered: Lessons 1 - 6 from your workbook
Level 1

Name Recognition - When you call your dog's name, he immediately looks at you and returns to you.
He can accomplish this in a variety of situations and locations.

Moving Toward You - Your pet comes toward you as you move away from him. He will come with
you without pressure on the leash.

Get Back - Your dog will back up as you enter or leave the house. He will get out of the way as you
walk toward him. Your pet respects your space and does not use his body to control you. You
understand how to correctly use "body blocks" to correct your dog.

Sit - Your dog will learn how to sit on command in a variety of different situations.

Don't Jump Up - You can get your pet to sit instead of jumping on you or your guests. As you walk
near to other people your dog will ignore them and stay with you. He will sit on command when he is
close to people.

Ouch! Don't Bite - Your dog will take food or treats gently. He understands how to back away and
stop "mouthing" or biting you when you say, "OUCH."

Beginning Leash Manners - You will be introduced to different types of training collars and leashes.
Your dog understands basic leash walking skills and that pulling will not allow him forward motion.
Information about Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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