"The Canine Center offers services from
Doggie Day Care to herding classes and CGC.
The trainers are very patient and work with
the positive rewards method, for both the dog
and the handler (:>). Dixie and I especially
enjoy the Agility Classes."
                                     -- Debi and Dixie Ritt
"Great trainer, wonderful atmosphere, super place to
learn dog agility. It's a great feeling when I go away
and know I don't have to worry about Murphy. He gets
plenty of attention, loads of room to play, and lots of
care by people who have a tremendous love for
animals. I feel very fortunate to have found the
Canine Center. If you mention the words "farm" or
"Norma" to Murphy, he will follow me around at my
heels until we leave to go. He knows this means fun
time and loves being there."
                                                 -- Bonnie and Murphy
"I adopted Maize from Norma and Katie. Maize is a
problem child. And after training the initial training at
The Canine Center, Maize is a model citizen. I still train
out there on a weekly basis. Excellent agility training!!!
There are excellent puppy yards for the dogs to play
in. From wild child to good girl, Norma can help you
train your dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen
program/test. The Canine Center is also an excellent
place to have your dog stay instead of a kennel for any
length of time!!! Plenty of workers to play with your
dog and care for your dog!!!"
                                                    -- Richard and Maize
"The Canine Center is a great place to learn
more about your four legged family member's
full potential. It's a fun place to come for
lessons in behavior and various dog sports.
Also The Canine Center is a place your dog
will know and love which makes them at ease
when boarded."
                              -- Shannon and Gretchen
Watch Sadie
and Chris learn
to do the jump
and A frame
Maggie and Alan
learn to do the  
jump exercises!
McKenna and
Nancy learn to
do jumps with
New Canine Students
are learning to focus
on their handler.  They
are getting
accustomed to being
handled and groomed.
"Fynn and Ash love to come to The Canine Center. We found Norma after we had already completed
beginning and novice level obedience at another facility. We started at Level 1 and finally found
home. The other training centers never knew how to handle their breed and personalities. I learned
the meaning behind techniques here that had never been explained before and learned many
valuable techniques for focus exercises and behavior modifications. I am always amazed how Norma
can keep a large class busy while making sure that each breed type, personality type,
and training level is being maintained for each dog and handler. "
-- Tess, Fynn, and Ash
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Baby Molly...all grown up and
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Super Dog Zoe receiving her MACH!
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